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Higher Education

UCI Division of Continuing Education (DCE)

OCRA members can save 10% off of one online course per quarter in the following life science programs: 

Clinical Trials: Medical Device and Drug Development

Medical Product Development

Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

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A list of current courses can be found here. 

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Career Resources are available online at, Click on the video to find more interactive and helpful tools in preparing for a new job.

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OCRA Mentoring Program

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OCRA's Mentoring Program is held in the Fall each year. The goal of the program is to promote the career growth and development of OCRA Members and strengthens the regulatory affairs profession. The Mentoring Program is a process for professional and personal development in which an individual (the Mentee) strives to achieve one or more development goals under the guidance of a more experienced colleague (the Mentor). Mentoring is not intended to help Mentees find new jobs, but it can be helpful in discussions related to changing careers or advancing in current career paths. 

The Mentoring Program requires a six-month commitment from its Mentors and Mentees. Applications to become a Mentor or a Mentee are necessary. 


The goals of the OCRA mentoring program are to provide a service to OCRA members that:

  • enables enhancement of knowledge/experience in a current job function
  • enables advancement in a current career path
  • provides guidance on pursuit of a different or new career path within the general areas of Regulatory, Clinical, Quality Assurance, or Quality Control

To become a Mentee, you must:

  • Be a current OCRA member
  • Live and/or work in Southern California
  • All OCRA Members will receive an email announcing the Mentorship Program information each year once the program begins.


If you are motivated to share your educational and professional experiences in clinical, regulatory, quality, etc., in drugs, devices, and/or biologics and to advise or guide your fellow professionals, you may apply to be a Mentor in the program.

To become a Mentor, you must:

  • Be a current OCRA member
  • Live and/or work in Southern California
  • All OCRA Members will receive an email announcing the Mentorship Program information each year once the program begins.

A call will be broadcast for the mentoring program each year. To apply, complete an application form and email (or mail) it to the address indicated in the instructions on the application.  Information will also be posted on this web site.  Nonmembers interested in the Mentoring Program are welcome to apply once they become members in OCRA.

The intent of the program is to match one Mentor with one Mentee based on the Mentor’s background and experience and the Mentee’s goals for professional growth.  The OCRA Mentoring Committee will notify the mentors and mentees if a suitable match (mentor/mentee match) was found. The OCRA Mentoring Committee will make every effort to match all applicants.  The committee will also try to match those OCRA members who live/work outside of Orange County with a mentee/mentor from the same area.

A one-hour training program and orientation will be arranged for mentors and mentees. Attendance is mandatory for all participants in the mentoring program.

Establishment of a good working relationship between a mentor and a mentee is up to the two individuals.  However, for a successful mentoring experience, at least one face-to-face meeting is encouraged after completion of the initial training.  After that, the frequency of mentor/mentee meetings, the location, and the time is to be decided by the mentor and mentee. For some individuals, face-to-face meetings will be optimal, while others may find weekly email exchanges work well to accomplish the goals of the mentoring experience.  The mentor and mentee are encouraged to set clear, written goals at the beginning of their mentoring relationship. A commitment of approximately 2 to 4 hours per month is typically needed to make good progress.

Participants in the program will be asked to complete an evaluation form after six months, which is the minimum period of time that OCRA expects each participant will stay with the program.

OCRA intends for this program to offer a valuable and highly sought-after benefit to OCRA members, and we hope many members will take advantage of this opportunity for personal growth.

CSU Biotechnology Project Management Certificate in QA

Professional Certificate: Biotechnology Project Management in Quality Assurance

This Quality Assurance certificate from California State Universicy focuses on the skills and tools required to successfully manage product development and quality assurance projects in the life sciences industry, including medical device, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical companies.

Read more: CSU Biotechnology Project Management Certificate in QA

San Diego Regulatory Affairs Network (SDRAN)

San Diego Regulatory Affairs Network (SDRAN)

SDRAN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and supporting our members through various educational and professional development venues including:

  • Monthly educational programs
  • RAC Study Groups to prepare for the US and EU exams, which are offered every summer and include a reimbursement option for those who are not eligible for a company reimbursement
  • Mentoring program to help promote the career growth and development of our members

For more information, visit our website at: